Coaching Requirements and Support

                                         The 3 Cā€™s of Coaching Requirements
1. CORI. Submit CORI form and copy of your license.
Print off the form, fill out completely and email with a copy of your license to:            CORI Form Link

2. CONCUSSION TRAINING. Complete Heads Up Concussion Training

3. COACHING CERTIFICATION. Complete the National Alliance for Youth Sports Softball Coaching Certification

$20 membership fee reimbursed to you by BGSA upon passing
Click this link to learn more and get started!

Certification Renewal Information. Coaches will receive an annual renewal notice to continue their NYSCA membership benefits. To continue membership, the member re-signs the Coaches' Code of Ethics Pledge and remits a $20 continuing membership fee.  NYSCA members also have the ability to renew their membership for multiple years at a discounted rate.
1 year $20                2 years  $35 (save $5!)             3 years $45 (save $15!)           4 years $60 (save $20!)                5 years $75 (save $25!)

                                        Supports and Resources
BGSA Standard Skills by Age Group                                           
2017 Merrimack Valley Rule Book